We are a Goju Ryu, Uechi Ryu and Okinawa Kobudo style Karatedo teaching project for the rescue of martial tradition and good customs as integral human beings for society, the programs are aimed at people of any race, gender and condition, individuals and/or companies. Simple teaching sessions without forgetting the M.A Fit (Karate with electronic music) to strengthen the body, mind and health in general. We carry our programs through group, private or online classes using social networks efficiently.

Our values:
Family, Discipline and Effort...

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¬ Luis Castro Shihan.
He began his studies in Okinawa Goju ryu Karatedo and Matayoshi kobudo in the city of Maracaibo - Venezuela in September 1992 under organizations such as Jinbukai of Venezuela, Iogkf and Tmai. In December 1999 he developed his Bushikan project in Maracaibo Zulia, as well as the Zulia State Karatedo School Project (Pekez) which integrated more than 500 students. In July 2011 he traveled to Argentina Bs Aires and upon his return he became the founder of Uechi ryu karatedo in Venezuela. In June 2017 he traveled to the city of Orlando Florida USA to train and carry out new projects of Okinawa karatedo and kobudo thus creating Okinawan Bushikan International (Obi). One of the programs carried out in Orlando Florida is Project Class Karate (Pck) where he takes karatedo with his work team to daycares, vpks and elementary schools. He likewise private, group and online classes (Obionline).

¬ Mayerling Romero Sensei. 
Venezuelan, she began her studies in karatedo and kobudo in September 1999 at the Bushikan school, created and participated in school projects in the Maracaibo municipality through the Zulia karatedo school project (Pekez) and the Bushikan organization of Venezuela (Obkv) in June In 2017, he traveled to the city of Orlando to develop new projects at Okinawan Bushikan International (Obi).

¬ Gustavo Gondra Hanshi.
Our international advisor Gustavo Gondra Kaicho 9th dan Karate and 8th dan Kobudo, President of the world organizations of Karate Do and Kobudo: Wukko (World Uechi ryu Karatedo Kobudo Organization) and Cnki (National Karatedo Interstyle Confederation) one of the best traditional karate referees in the world. He received from Sensei Kanei Uechi the representation of the Uechi ryu style for Argentina, as well as the 4th Dan, and he was a direct student of S. Takamiyagui, 9th Dan, Y. Arakaki, 9th Dan and Sinju Gushi, 9th Dan, all of them. of them great masters of the original association of the Uechi ryu style, whose president was sensei Kanei Uechi until his death.

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