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Private classes and Online classes system Hombu Dojo Bushikan

1. Wich is the address company ?
Orlando Fl. 32837 working on the road to you !

2. What type of classes does the Obi program include ?

1 time Karate private at your home class per week and 2 times virtual online zoom per week. Zoom online classes every day from 6:00 pm.

3. Can i get a free class in my house ?
Yes you can but depends zipcode and just one time.

4. Where can we train in my home or apartment ?
Inside the house, apartment or garage or any outdoor space.

5. What else does the program include ?
Test, certificate test, Karate classes for 3 months, Karate uniform and white belt and new belt (new karate grade).

6. How much is the registration including the complete karate uniform ?

7. How much would I will pay monthly ?
$90 for 3 months (each month).

8. How much does the program cost for 3 months ?
$360 + taxes everything incluided.

9. Can I pay for the program in full and how much ?
Yes you do or you will pay monthly.

10. Do I have to make a contract ?
No you dont (No contract).

11. Who will be my Karate teachers?
Luis Castro Shihan (5th Dan) 5th degree Black belt and Mayerling Romero (1st Dan) 1th Degree black belt.

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